Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day out in Hartlepool.

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Today I woke up to sun streaming in from between my curtains. It was perfect weather for a day out!
A while back we realized that a bus that comes through our town goes all the way to Hartlepool, so Davina and I went out to meet it today and happily road the bus all the way to the coast! It was very crowded.

When we got into Hartlepool, someone who was getting ready to leave muttered something about the bus getting ready to 'turn around now' so we took that as an indication to get off the bus. We hopped off and headed down the street in a likely direction, not really having looked at any maps other than the one of the quay-side itself.
...About half an hour of walking towards seagulls, and being unable to locate the tourist information office (the signs pointed towards...a round about?) I suddenly remembered that I have a smart phone with data, and we could just activate googlemaps! So maps it was, and we discovered that we were going in the opposite direction to the historical harbour and decided to walk through the industrial estate!

Soon we walked over a ridge and arrived at the promenade (1st picture)! It was lovely, and we could see the masts of the HMS Trincomalee, the oldest British war ship still afloat! We used the masts as navigation and shuffled through the houses til we arrived! First order of the day was lunch, because we'd been walking for an hour by this point! (left half, 2nd picture) The cafe was aboard a paddlewheeler as well! We felt very fancy, sitting there in the fantastic sunshine.

Next stop was the Museum of Hartlepool, with free entry. It had an excellent assortment displays, my favourite of which was the 'monastery' section with monks robes and chanting! (right half, 2nd picture).

Then it was on to the History Quayside and the ship! The entire feel of the place was sort of like Beamish museum but with a maritime theme. There were lots of displays inside the buildings, and set ups of typical homes with an overhead voice telling the story of the people displayed in them. There was even a little cafe where we stopped for tea and a game of chess (I'm bad at chess, fyi). Then we headed into the ship (3rd and 4th photos) with warnings to 'watch our heads'! The first level below deck was nearly high enough for me to walk...nearly! The decks below were way too low for me to walk upright in, or even lean over in...pretty much sitting on the floor was good. Walking down the steps through a 3.5 foot doorway into the copper-lined powder rooms let us stand upright though~ Excellent.

The ship was fantastic, and totally worth the 6 pounds 50 for the entrance fee! We found the bus stop again with relative ease (it was like 10 feet from the museum...we went the total wrong way!!) and made it back to the house~
It was a fantastic day out!
I'm glad the weather was so nice for a last little adventure before I have to fly to Canada on tuesday...eep!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tynemouth Priory!

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Today I went to the Tynemouth Priory, at Tynemouth! In case the name isn't enough of a clue, it's the mouth of the River Tyne.
And there is a massive promontory that may or may not have had an iron age promontory fort on it.
It was also used as a WWII base thing, and also a coastguard base.
And in the C18th century there was a barracks building built onto the gatehouse, which was later removed! The place has been used for so much! It's amazing!

The priory was fantastic, and the graveyard was fantastic as well! We looked at the phasing of the buildings and ran around in the windy sunshine. I fell off that canon a few seconds after taking that pictures as well. (got blown off by the wind! I'm only small!) I'm very glad I brought my camera and the weather fantastic for the trip as well. I would have liked to have more time to explore the buildings and the graveyard a bit better..and walk around the outside of the property and down to the lighthouse on the spit! It looked fantastic!

It's only near Newcastle, I can probably go back sometime soon!

In other news my advanced-study plan is working pretty well thus far, and I've gotten through almost all of the notes and slideshows by this point! Excellent. And I have about..oh... 1/4 of a paper left, and that takes care of all my assignments for this academic year! brilliant. I just have to prepare a few prospective exam essay questions for the two exams aaaand I should be good! Awesome. And then Wales!! Then more studying for another week, then finals! yay!

Also, I got a smartphone. hello, future world!