Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RRS Discovery

The small film I created to go along with my trip to the RRS Discovery. Also, an overview of my day.

4am. Wake up in a panic, worried I'd missed my alarm.
5am. Alarm goes off. Proceed to run around getting ready.
6:10am. Taxi! This was earlier than I wanted, but he was pretty booked up on a tuesday, apparently.
6:45am. Sitting at train station.
7:23-10:45am. Sat on a train, saw Lindisfarne out the window, got to Edinburgh and switched trains, fell asleep, woke up as we were arriving in Dundee.
10:50am. Round the corner of the train station and had to compose myself because the Discovery was right there. Right. There.
11-11:30am. Cafe lunch break!
11:30-1:30. Museum and ship. Oh my god it was so wonderful!
1:30-3pm. Wandered around the Howff cemetery, and then the McManus art galley and museum. Dundee seems pretty cool!
3pm. make my way slowly back towards the train station.
4:06-8pm. Trains home.

And then I caught a bus and came back to the house and made chips and put up pictures and fell asleep. Done day~ x

ps. I found and ate haggis crisps. they were pretty good!

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