Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sock storm

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I have been working my way through the massive list of assignments and things that I have to do before Easter break crashes down upon us (it's coming up really quickly)!
As a reward for getting work done I have been bribing myself with knitting (along with..knitting in the mornings and things before classes...)
So last night I finished the first sock! According to the pattern, the ribbing wasn't supposed to actually continue all the way across the toe area, but I thought it would look neater that way so I continued it to the end!

I probably could have made it about a cm longer...but it still fits this way, and I don't want to rip the toe out to fix that! I'll get the second one right, and if there is enough leftover on the ball of wool, I could make a third that fits perfectly~ haha!

Now I just have to make the second one...

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