Friday, February 1, 2013

Knit Graffiti York!

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My uniform of late, stuffed full of things for tomorrow!

I am going to an event being put on by the York Art Gallery, which is being closed for restoration work, that involved a lot of knit graffiti / yarn bombing to happen outside the gallery in exhibition square! It's all terribly exciting, and I'm going to weave a bench or something! That is what I've planned at the very least...hopefully no one snags the bench I have in mind before I get there... (my train is at 8:30 or something...I don't think they will!)

Anyways it should be a pretty exciting day, and I'll take loads of photos and everything. And then come back and work a load because I haven gotten nearly as much done this week as I wanted to. (I say that..but I've done 2 GIS assignments and a presentation, and various meetings, and an entire day of wandering Stanwick enclosure. More things than I thought!)

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