Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th. Classes restart!

Classes may have restarted, but I'm crap and managed to miss the ONLY lecture I had today.
Seriously Robyn? Couldn't manage to get the time right one the oooonly lecture? Apparently not! At least I got my other errand done in town, and have sorted everything out with the prof.

This semester is going to have way more work that the first semester (1 paper + 1 presentation?!). I already know when three papers are due. And two assignments. And a presentation. And another presentation. And some illustrations. And a museum poster exhibition thing. And some tests? These are all sprinkled with lectures and field work of course!

I would say I dread it, but really it's just the idea of work that I don't like, actually sitting and doing it is fine...and if I don't have work to do I become bored and restless. I actually don't mind writing papers most of the time, and all practical work and projects are usually pretty interesting! It's a grand thing that like my field or this would be a semester of Robyn-death. ;)

Oh and the class I missed? I am very excited to (eventually) go to it. It's called 'Death and Burial'. Couldn't be happier!

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