Sunday, December 9, 2012

Robyn Looking Triumphant , and winning at geology.


Today we went on a glorious adventure to Newcastle...after doing a load of shopping in Durham first! Christmas is right around the corner, right? So I'm allowed to buy things if they are for other people...right? I think so!

So when we eventually got up to Newcastle, Kelsey split off to go shopping some more, and my dad and I went off to the Newcastle Great North Museum. They have some pretty fantastic galleries, guys! And admission is free so if you're in the area even as a broke student there is really no reason to no go!

The Galleries are split between very children-oriented with large interactive touch screens and animals, dinosaurs, and live tanks with animals in them, and very archaeological exhibits that go pretty in depth. The arky exhibits also have created characters from...I think evidence of people that actually existed, to make these large people projection type things that have a small caption underneath of the person speaking to you.
And in the Hadrian's Wall section, you can read about the Romans carving their initials into stones and putting them into the wall, followed by an interactive exhibit where you enter your own initials into a computer, and an absolutely massive projection on the wall shows a Roman soldier walking to the wall and putting a section of stones on the wall with your initials into the construction! And it stays up there too, for all to see, or at least until the wall gets build more and shifts over on the screen.

Newcastle, I applaud you! Nice work!
Also, I was really impressed with the walk through tunnel thing in the Egyptian galley, and your impressive in-case lit..cases... that sentence got away from me, but yes!
Totally worth the visit if you are in the area~

As for the is all just me looking a bit triumphant during the day!

1. on the train

2. beside a large foot! Yay!

3. THAT STONE. There are a load of columns in Durham Cathedral made of that stuff, and while I was in there not too long ago, I heard a woman say 'They have such nice marble columns' and patted one.
And I thought 'They aren't marble. Marble is metamorphosed and can't have HUUUUGE FOSSILS in' And I wanted to say it was oolitic limestone, but I wasn't totally sure about the limestone so I hushed myself and shuffled away to look at gravestones.
BUT TODAY we saw that stone at the Great North Museum, and here is the label:

"Frosterley Marble: This rock is called frosterley marble,. it is nor actually a marble, but is a limestone full of fossils of solitary corals. These corals lived over 350 million years ago." -Newcastle Great North Museum.

I win, random lady, I win.

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