Sunday, December 2, 2012

Post and Bunnies


So yesterday, we headed into town to see the Christmas Market in Durham. We weren't totally sure what to expect, other than the usual throngs of people that come with a festival going on. Though it is Durham, so you could still walk around with relative ease. Newcastle was more crowded than this, and I don't think much was going on while we were there last being saturday?

The Christmas Market was pretty neat! Kelsey got us some hot chocolate with baileys, because apparently that is what you do with it, and we wandered around looking at fancy food that I can't eat...until we found a cupcake stall.
I love cupcakes. Everyone should know this.
This stall had gluten free cupcakes! AHHH!! I was overjoyed and bought one to save for later (and when I ate it later it was wonderful and I was a very very happy Robyn!). The woman said she's there every saturday, to which I said 'Oh now don't tell me that, that's dangerous!'

Then we headed up to the craft fair and Kelsey bought a stuffed reindeer, and we saw some real reindeer, and wandered back into town to go to the outdoor store. I wanted to get some of those...tread things for walking on ice, that you put on the bottom of your shoes? Less intense than ones for glacier climbing, but they will be useful when the ground turns to an ice sheet, which it apparently does in front of my department all the time. We'll see how silly they look, but I intend to use them!

Then bunnies were purchased, after an hour or so of driving through the countryside to various small villages in search of a petstore that actually..sells pets. The journey took us to Crook, where the petstore is lovely and helpful, and we left with two rabbits! They are called Harriette and Naryn Columbun, and the mood of the entire household has gone way way up since their arrival! Nothing to relieve work stress like furry animals~

While we were sitting around in the evening with rabbits, eating dinner, there was a knock on the door. Kelsey went to retrieve a package, and said 'Robyn do you know someone named Jess, in BC?'
Of course I do! Jess, what had you mailed to me?!
So I opened the package, and saw the adorable box pictured above, and opened that to see the goodies stuffed inside..yes, including the awesome korean poop socks. I am totally going to wear those soon! And the letter inside was written on a little puzzle, and because I'm me it took me way longer than it should have to put that puzzle together! (but I have and read it, and it was lovely!)

Thank you so so much Jess! I shall have to reply now! :D

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