Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Wed.

Apparently I look amish today, and Kelsey said she is going to take to calling this cardigan my amish sweater. Truth be told, I may have planned this outfit (floor length grey dress and all) a day or two ago, specifically to wear today.

Today I went to the Darlington Head of Steam Railway museum to take a look around and assess things, because of that conservation management plan..thing I'm in. I like dressing for museum venues just as much as dressing in my field clothes and stomping around in the mud, but they are very different sets of clothing, that's for sure!

I also had an illustration session for a while, then went to Tesco with the house to get supplies for what has become the 'house christmas of many meats' because we definitely have...a lot of meats. It's actually crazy!

Tomorrow I have a surveying class at some point, but other than that I'll just be reading books and eating things. Crisps. I'll be reading and eating crisps. And telling my insides to hush and digest the nice crisps because they maaaay have a bit of wheat on them, which wasn't checked up on til after we got home. Oops.

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