Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Again, I'm sorry for the absences! Because I can't seem to really use my computer still (And Dell is currenty being a butt about it..making things difficult! garg!!) I can't really put up photos!
If you have my facebook, you may have seen some pictures from a hike and a bonfire. These were uploaded from Mike (my housemate) 's camera/phone thing...but It doesn't work from my camera.
Also, there are more often things on Tumblr than there are on here at the moment...

Firstly. Thank goodness for Obama. I was busy trying to figure out how not to return to North America for 4 years, but that plan doesn't need to be put into affect yet, clearly!

Secondly. I'm supposed to be working on a presentation thing at the moment for my class titled 'Sex and Shopping'. We're looking at the development of shops/workshops/warehouses from the 12th to 17th century. My group is focussing on Chester and London, and I'm doing the floorplan section of London.
But clearly at the moment, I'm blogging. Bad Robyn! Go eat your crisps and write a presentation, and be pleased that going back to the americas won't be the worst thing ever.

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  1. I was literally having nightmares the night of the election about waking up to Mittens as president. Not cool.


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