Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woes of Module Enrolment


Nice things that happened today:
- I got to cook food with my lovely housemate! We made cake, and burnt white chocolate, and stared in horror at our liquid caramel creation before shoving it in the fridge in a hope that that fixes it.
- I got a package from a friend in New Brunswick! More on that later, because Jim hasn't seen what it is yet... He'll find out soon though...
- I bought train tickets to York..for tomorrow! Ah yeah folks, I'm leaping on a train to go visit Jimmy in the old town of York tomorrow til...probably Saturday?! Apparently he lives right down the street from where my great grandfather went to school, so I'll probably pop over there to take a little look (hah, father, hah! I win
-Got to play on a pretty excellent playground.

Less nice things that happened today:

- Well folks, who's ready for a story?

Today I woke up at my usual time, and stumbled downstairs to put the kettle on and find the last of my GF chocolate filled...pastry things for breakfast. With my tea in hand I shuffled back upstairs and turned my computer on for the daily reading of emails and the general internet.

Things were going very well! I saw an excellent email from WHSmith saying that my Kobo Mini had been shipped to me and I'd be getting it in 3-5 business days, which of course means that it will be here either on friday when I'm in York, or while I'm in class after the weekend. Maybe it will come on Wed, when I have no classes! That would be handy...I want to play with it! Anyways.

Things were going well and I was reading emails. Then I saw one from Durham uni's people. 'Oh,' I thought, 'a lovely morning email from my shiny new university!'
And so I happily opened this email. And was met with this:

"Our records show that you have not yet become a fully registered student. If you do not complete all the relevant processes, your IT and Library access will be withdrawn and you will be unable to access DUO."

No, university. I dare say you are wrong! I dare, even, to say that I've completed every single thing you listed in the email and that your own computer system of complicated paths and tunnels and mystery is at fault.

So without even another bite of my lovely breakfast, I grabbed all my identification and a coat and rushed for the bus stop.
A few minutes later and I was walking very meaningfully into the Palatine Centre and demanded the secretary's help. This secretary pointed out that maybe I should go to my department and see if they knew anything, because it looked to her that my modules hadn't been approved...even though they were appearing as if they had. (they had been approved already...)

Eventually, the lovely lady in the Arky Admin office re-checked the box in the system to say that the modules had been approved by the department...even though as I thought, they had already been officially. She gave me a paper stating all of that, and sent me on my way. By the time I got home, I'd gotten an email saying that my enrolment was now totally finished, and they'd gotten the module-approval thing...the second time around at least!

- Oh goodness, did you think the uni issues were over? Hah! This is a complicated web of admin and department miscommunication errors, my friend. They are never untangled.

I eventually went back onto the Duo system to look at the few modules that had their Blackboard opened. There was a new one open, my Specialized Aspects class! But oh, would you look at that? One of the topics I'm enrolled in isn't currently listed...and the other one is at a different time than I was told.

Really? I think they may have last years stuff up..because some of the Due Dates for papers are for March 2012...yay... But that doesn't totally explain where my 'Sex and Shopping' Class is.

I've emailed people, and will go speak to them tomorrow to sort this out before I head to York (among other errands tomorrow! It's going to be a busy day)

Look what you've done, uni! I've put myself in the corner for a while~

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