Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello there!
Sorry for the lack of photos, as my computer is still dead.

There were a hopeful few days where it working in the mornings, and then it just stopped turning on again. I'll have to give the dell people a call tomorrow during the day or something, and hopefully they can get everything fixed!
Because I miss my poor computer/huge paperweight.

So this weekend,Bailey came down from Glasgow for a visit! She arrived on friday evening, and we went back to my house for a monoploy/cake/wine evening~

On saturday Bailey, Mike, and I went into town to find a huge food festival going on! Bailey and I are probably the woooorst people in the world to eat out with, since she's vegan and I can't have wheat or dairy. It was pretty fun though! Cathedral was explored, sweets for eaten, Bailey got cold, and we all went home to drink tea.

Sunday was pumpkin carving day, and the house gathered in our lovely living room for a few hours of carving adventures. Mike and Davina had never carved a pumpkin before, so it was a pretty exciting thing!
I'll get up a picture when I can, but the carvings in list form are as follows:

Bailey: Dinosaurs
Davina: tradtional pumpkin face
Mike: Ironman's mask
Robyn: the bug monster from 'Quatermas and the Pit'


Today Bailey and I decided that we needed to go into town before my class/her train and get material for cross-stitches, and then go sit in a cafe all afternoon and learn how to make pretty folksy art! Mine is going to say 'You always want cake', and Bailey's says 'Riots not Diets'.
We're kind of cool ><

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