Monday, October 8, 2012

This was 80% the reason the ereader.


When buying my tiny ereader, here were my reasons to why it was a good idea:

1. I can't bring piles of books home in my suitcase, because there is just no room!

2. I want novels for reading and hauling around on trips and things, but they are heavy and again, take up a lot of room.

3. Lots of research is on pdf's which I hate reading on the computer (screen hurts your eyes after a while), and printing takes up sooo much ink. Put it on the kobo thing, problem solved!

4. I have an illustration in a published article, and I wanted to see it on the ink paper.



  1. Jealous. I'll get mine soon ;)

    1. You'd better! We'll have to name them or something~ :D


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