Thursday, September 27, 2012

There are kippers in my freezer!


Yesterday I made sure I was enrolled in all my classes (check!), got my student card (check!!), bought things I probably didn't need as well as another pillow which I did need, and then went to meet up with Jim!

Jim was in York getting housing sorted for his Masters degree..year, which starts the same time my course starts. Exciting stuff, school for everyone! Trains were delayed and things due to the flooding, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to bus into town! The road from thing was actually closed for most of Tuesday night.

The water had drained away by morning and I managed to get into town and Jim managed to get to York, and then up to visit me for a bit! And brought kippers that are now in my freezer waiting for Jim to come back up, so we can eat them. nom nom nom

Today we headed back into town and did...typical things that we graveyards, and other assorted old sites, and poke around in the dirt, and sit in cafes making faces.
It was a pretty great day, I think!

I have more errands to get to tomorrow, and some sort of meeting things that will involve me interacting with many people at once. Noooo I say, I am a small hermit person! Luckily there are louder people out there than me, and they will probably introduce themselves before I feel too awkward. Or perhaps natural conversation will flow!

Either way, I'm getting better at going into a town on my own..on a bus. Getting better! Go Robyn go!

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