Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh Hai

Today I dragged myself out of bed, already knowing that the rain was still pouring down. It's fairly amazing that I can't hear it from my room, come to think of it!
(Kelsey, you'll have a fun time in the loft with the two skylights!)

There are no breaks in the clouds, and the forecast is saying there will be rain for a few days at least. Good thing I have to go into town almost every day this week... yippie!

I got totally soaked.

Hopefully the video explains what I was up to this morning, but the basis was: I had errands to do.

-Hand in forms
-get Campus Card
-talk to arky people?
-open bank account
-buy bacon and onions

What really happened though...

-hand in forms
-was told I can't get a campus card til the 26th. gah!
-couldn't find anyone in the arky building
-made an appointment with the bank for tomorrow. (they had an opening at 1:30, but I was there at 12:30 and didn't want to hang out in the wet anymore today..)
-bought locally produced bacon and onions!

So..some things happened.
I've got a meeting with an arky person for tomorrow after the bank appointment, actually, so that's kind of getting sorted now too!

Jim is coming up on Wed, after his house viewing in York (yay!), so I'll be meeting him at the train station in the late afternoon. Hopefully before that I'll have gotten my elusive campus card, and won't have to pay for buses anymore!

I think they fixed the holes outside...which is good, because with all this rain they were starting to look like the trenches! arg!


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