Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not a lot today.

I'm not really doing a whole lot today.

The last few days have been spent remotely sorting out my enrolment to Durham as best I can, and working on my article.
Unfortunately there is only so much one can do from a computer, and after pretty well getting through everything with only a few minor confusions (ie: 'Middle Name Wrong' ...what? pretty sure I know my middle name!) I think I'm all set to back to campus on monday and make sure everything is fixed.

Especially my schedule. I need to be in that illustration course! Really!!
I think I am in it, but still...need to make sure...

I've been working on my article about the summer's research and field work and things, and it's actually taking shape now! The goal is to have the roughest of rough drafts finished today sometime, and at the moment that is looking fairly likely! It even has some tables in it, which I am pretty darn proud of (excel, we're not friends), and a picture or two.
It's not a particularly long article (maybe just over 3000 words when I'm finished?), and I would really like it to be longer, but I don't want to babble about it...and really, the chart of compiled data is pretty much the entire thing. I could write a paragraph explaining it and be happy...really!

In other news, Jim is coming to Durham this week~ Cathedral adventures, here we come! Also, I get a quilt! :D

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