Thursday, September 20, 2012

I like sweets!


Today I woke up feeling a bit sad. The house was cold and empty, and it was raining outside. Grey clouds hung over everything, and it was a bit gloomy. Not the best way to start off a day of adventures, that's for sure!

But then things got better!

I headed out into the rain with my little bright raincoat and white toque and caught a different bus than that goes right to my campus! Got on the bus successfully (I'm going to be an expert at this soon, you guys) and even got off at the stop I meant to...unlike the other day when I panicked and jumped off the bus, and had to walk for an extra 15 minutes to get home. oops.

About 1 minute into the bus ride, I did this:
" -humming to self- O_O "
Forgot my camera. SORRY!!

Got off, and found the Archaeology building within..maybe 2 minutes? On a map, the city looks pretty spread out from the campus, and I was a bit worried it might be too far to walk. After all, at home if things are spread out...well, that really means it!
On this map, I was thinking 'my goodness, how long will it take to walk back to the cathedral from here?!'...until I noticed the scale bar. Campus and the historical area of the city are a staggering...500 metres apart.

This place is tiny.

What about my college though, that's really far away, in the other direction!!
500 metres too.
So...I walked.

Walked to my college and got some forms to fill out, because I can't print them at home..becaaaause I don't have a printer. Went to an awesome cafe that is full of food for people with insides that just don't seem to like me! They have loads of GF and Lactose free things, and I have chili con carne on a baked potato and a latte with soy. Happy Robyn's tummy!

Wandered around a bit, found a scary medieval pathway (there was a metal plaque stating it was medieval!). Found a sweet shop and bought those packets you see there! Strawberry bonbons and giant gummy strawberries. (after coming home and eating two of each, I've hid them from immediate view so I don't eat them all at once)
((it would happen too, I love gummy things...))
Also got that body butter stuff from the Body Shop. Half price! go me! Getting it involved a long talk from the shop keeper on how dry my skin is. I had to tell her that actually, this climate is way more damp than it is at home. She looked a bit terrified! Where could this strange-speaking fluffy-haired girl have possibly come from?!

Then I got on a bus, came home, made tea...and am sitting at my desk contemplating starting the second season of Modern Family. Yah..lets do that.

*somewhere in the day I also was in a graveyard with long grass and my shoes are wet now. But the graveyard was fantastic! Sandstone from the 18th century, and you can still read it?! Gah!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You might want to consider finding yourself an inexpensive printer. I can't imagine living without one. I love it when you post pictures. Duchess & Sophie say hi :)


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