Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holes in the Wall


As I'm sitting here writing this, none of my housemates are home but there are people downstairs.

I had to get up early because of some electrical work being done to all the houses, and someone had to be home to let the people in. They need to come in to get at the electric stuff piled up by the door, and they are currently drilling holes through the wall. Yippie? I'm just anticipating the sudden lack of electricity when they go to actually change things (other than the wall, that is!)

Ah! Well, I just spoke with the people downstairs, and they are off to drill various other holes in other peoples' houses, and will be back later. Soooo I can't go anywhere til they are done. daaarn it!

I was planning on going to my campus today, but by the looks of things that might not be happening, since these guys won't be done til 2pm or so. (on British Time, as one of the housemates says. So really..whenever! haha)
It's not really too late to go into town, but it kiiind of is for someone who has barely any idea where she's going!

We'll see though...we'll see.

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