Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An outfit for once!


See those boots? See how excited I am about those boots?!
You should all remember those boots from the last...few years? (has anyone stayed with this blog that long??) I got them in Florence when I was in grade 11. My family visited Italy and they were the best thing ever~

After a number of years of wearing constantly and prancing around like a little elf person, I managed to wear all the way through the heel onto the leather underneath.
Try as I might, duct-tape just doesn't cut it for shoe repairs sometimes!

Luckily a cobbler in town replaced the heels for me, got the salt stains from Calgary out, and put a protecting spray on them. It took him 4 days...and costs a mere $26! Best!

so I wore them today!

The lesson here is buy quality shoes, and have them fixed instead of replaced.

And then I bought another suitcase, because...I'm bringing two on this move. :D


  1. Cool boots! I got baby fat boots which I think will be great this winter. Maybe even now.

  2. or is that fat baby..I can never remember..but when I saw them..I knew I had to have them. Really comfy too.


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