Sunday, September 30, 2012

A weekend of nothing much.

Except cooking!

Guys, I totally cooked things!
Well..kind of. Sort of?

Yesterday I made some pretty excellent fried rice! I even marinaded the chicken beforehand so it tasted sauce-y than normal~ mmm

Then I wanted to bake cookies, but there were no cookie sheets I satisfied myself by making Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake!
Oh my goodness it was good~

Then today as I was out on errands, I picked up a baking tray and proceeded to make peanut butter cookies when I got home! Not too bad!
(except for the bit where one of my housemates walked into the kitchen saying 'Do I smell burning peanut butter?' and I was like 'yah...probably...')

And then...I ate more leftover fried rice, and wondered where Beth and I are going for dinner tomorrow.

Nom nom nom food~

Friday, September 28, 2012

Comic making


A comic about me in the Cathedral.

Today I had my visa checked by the university, and gained a small eraser in the shape of a book from an information booth in a thing being held for international students.

I then bought some olive oil and went home.

On Monday, I'm having dinner with Beth! Yay!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

There are kippers in my freezer!


Yesterday I made sure I was enrolled in all my classes (check!), got my student card (check!!), bought things I probably didn't need as well as another pillow which I did need, and then went to meet up with Jim!

Jim was in York getting housing sorted for his Masters degree..year, which starts the same time my course starts. Exciting stuff, school for everyone! Trains were delayed and things due to the flooding, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to bus into town! The road from thing was actually closed for most of Tuesday night.

The water had drained away by morning and I managed to get into town and Jim managed to get to York, and then up to visit me for a bit! And brought kippers that are now in my freezer waiting for Jim to come back up, so we can eat them. nom nom nom

Today we headed back into town and did...typical things that we graveyards, and other assorted old sites, and poke around in the dirt, and sit in cafes making faces.
It was a pretty great day, I think!

I have more errands to get to tomorrow, and some sort of meeting things that will involve me interacting with many people at once. Noooo I say, I am a small hermit person! Luckily there are louder people out there than me, and they will probably introduce themselves before I feel too awkward. Or perhaps natural conversation will flow!

Either way, I'm getting better at going into a town on my own..on a bus. Getting better! Go Robyn go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The roads are gently flooding

So..Durham is flooding a bit. The River Wear is rising, and bits of the city near it are on flood-alert now.
Where I live is pretty far from the river, and up a little hill so hopefully it will be ok!

It's mostly irritating because I need to get into town tomorrow to sort out more things with my modules...and the road may be closed. Hope not! But it might be. ugh.

I need my wellies! Jim!

If you'd like to check the river level, jump on over here, to a webcam on the banks! So much water!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh Hai

Today I dragged myself out of bed, already knowing that the rain was still pouring down. It's fairly amazing that I can't hear it from my room, come to think of it!
(Kelsey, you'll have a fun time in the loft with the two skylights!)

There are no breaks in the clouds, and the forecast is saying there will be rain for a few days at least. Good thing I have to go into town almost every day this week... yippie!

I got totally soaked.

Hopefully the video explains what I was up to this morning, but the basis was: I had errands to do.

-Hand in forms
-get Campus Card
-talk to arky people?
-open bank account
-buy bacon and onions

What really happened though...

-hand in forms
-was told I can't get a campus card til the 26th. gah!
-couldn't find anyone in the arky building
-made an appointment with the bank for tomorrow. (they had an opening at 1:30, but I was there at 12:30 and didn't want to hang out in the wet anymore today..)
-bought locally produced bacon and onions!

So..some things happened.
I've got a meeting with an arky person for tomorrow after the bank appointment, actually, so that's kind of getting sorted now too!

Jim is coming up on Wed, after his house viewing in York (yay!), so I'll be meeting him at the train station in the late afternoon. Hopefully before that I'll have gotten my elusive campus card, and won't have to pay for buses anymore!

I think they fixed the holes outside...which is good, because with all this rain they were starting to look like the trenches! arg!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not a lot today.

I'm not really doing a whole lot today.

The last few days have been spent remotely sorting out my enrolment to Durham as best I can, and working on my article.
Unfortunately there is only so much one can do from a computer, and after pretty well getting through everything with only a few minor confusions (ie: 'Middle Name Wrong' ...what? pretty sure I know my middle name!) I think I'm all set to back to campus on monday and make sure everything is fixed.

Especially my schedule. I need to be in that illustration course! Really!!
I think I am in it, but still...need to make sure...

I've been working on my article about the summer's research and field work and things, and it's actually taking shape now! The goal is to have the roughest of rough drafts finished today sometime, and at the moment that is looking fairly likely! It even has some tables in it, which I am pretty darn proud of (excel, we're not friends), and a picture or two.
It's not a particularly long article (maybe just over 3000 words when I'm finished?), and I would really like it to be longer, but I don't want to babble about it...and really, the chart of compiled data is pretty much the entire thing. I could write a paragraph explaining it and be happy...really!

In other news, Jim is coming to Durham this week~ Cathedral adventures, here we come! Also, I get a quilt! :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

Talking about Tesco

Probably the most eventful thing to happen besides that today was..oh...being allowed to start the online enrolment thing for Durham! Yaaay..oh wait. universities are bad at making things EASY. Enrolment is mostly done...but I'm going to go to campus on monday and get some help with bis.
They couldn't just makes it simple...? No? fine.

Other interesting Tesco finds today were:

-Gluten free chicken nuggets, with local chicken. Yay!
-a spare sheet for the bed. (it's purple!)
-Gluten free soy sauce finish eating my lunch, and get to work on that article! D:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I like sweets!


Today I woke up feeling a bit sad. The house was cold and empty, and it was raining outside. Grey clouds hung over everything, and it was a bit gloomy. Not the best way to start off a day of adventures, that's for sure!

But then things got better!

I headed out into the rain with my little bright raincoat and white toque and caught a different bus than that goes right to my campus! Got on the bus successfully (I'm going to be an expert at this soon, you guys) and even got off at the stop I meant to...unlike the other day when I panicked and jumped off the bus, and had to walk for an extra 15 minutes to get home. oops.

About 1 minute into the bus ride, I did this:
" -humming to self- O_O "
Forgot my camera. SORRY!!

Got off, and found the Archaeology building within..maybe 2 minutes? On a map, the city looks pretty spread out from the campus, and I was a bit worried it might be too far to walk. After all, at home if things are spread out...well, that really means it!
On this map, I was thinking 'my goodness, how long will it take to walk back to the cathedral from here?!'...until I noticed the scale bar. Campus and the historical area of the city are a staggering...500 metres apart.

This place is tiny.

What about my college though, that's really far away, in the other direction!!
500 metres too.
So...I walked.

Walked to my college and got some forms to fill out, because I can't print them at home..becaaaause I don't have a printer. Went to an awesome cafe that is full of food for people with insides that just don't seem to like me! They have loads of GF and Lactose free things, and I have chili con carne on a baked potato and a latte with soy. Happy Robyn's tummy!

Wandered around a bit, found a scary medieval pathway (there was a metal plaque stating it was medieval!). Found a sweet shop and bought those packets you see there! Strawberry bonbons and giant gummy strawberries. (after coming home and eating two of each, I've hid them from immediate view so I don't eat them all at once)
((it would happen too, I love gummy things...))
Also got that body butter stuff from the Body Shop. Half price! go me! Getting it involved a long talk from the shop keeper on how dry my skin is. I had to tell her that actually, this climate is way more damp than it is at home. She looked a bit terrified! Where could this strange-speaking fluffy-haired girl have possibly come from?!

Then I got on a bus, came home, made tea...and am sitting at my desk contemplating starting the second season of Modern Family. Yah..lets do that.

*somewhere in the day I also was in a graveyard with long grass and my shoes are wet now. But the graveyard was fantastic! Sandstone from the 18th century, and you can still read it?! Gah!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A great conversation, between neighbourbood children

-enter scene. Children standing around the orange barriers and hole outside my house-

child 1: We don't have one of these by my house.

child 2: Get out, you're going to get told off!

child 1: I'm not. -runs-

...I'm not sure if that really counts as a conversation, but their little accents made it all the better!

ps: there is still a hole outside my house :o

Holes in the Wall


As I'm sitting here writing this, none of my housemates are home but there are people downstairs.

I had to get up early because of some electrical work being done to all the houses, and someone had to be home to let the people in. They need to come in to get at the electric stuff piled up by the door, and they are currently drilling holes through the wall. Yippie? I'm just anticipating the sudden lack of electricity when they go to actually change things (other than the wall, that is!)

Ah! Well, I just spoke with the people downstairs, and they are off to drill various other holes in other peoples' houses, and will be back later. Soooo I can't go anywhere til they are done. daaarn it!

I was planning on going to my campus today, but by the looks of things that might not be happening, since these guys won't be done til 2pm or so. (on British Time, as one of the housemates says. So really..whenever! haha)
It's not really too late to go into town, but it kiiind of is for someone who has barely any idea where she's going!

We'll see though...we'll see.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More videos!

Look, I filmed my house!
Sorry for how quiet it is. I aaaam actually saying things, but you might need to crank up the volume if you want to hear anything! I wasn't sure if people were asleep for some reason or not. Also...the camera doesn't pick up sound all that well.
(darn it's fantastic waterproof casing~ haha)

Anyways, enjoy seeing the inside of my house!

ps: toilet paper solution solved...I bought 18 rolls. :D

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm in England now!

Excuse the not-so-great transitions between the film didn't want to agree with me today.

I'm in England now, in my new home! I managed to not die, and even went into town on my own today!
I met up with my housemate Sean, who showed me around a bit, before wandering off to film things and buy loads of food because..well I didn't have any at home, and my tummy was being sad about that.
(we also don't have toilet paper, and I should probably go get more...)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Here we go!

I wanted to put up a picture of me hiding behind my suitcases, but thaaaat didn't work out for some reason.
Just wanted to say...

At dawn, I ride!

Tomorrow morning starts my adventure abroad! Unravel the Turtle moves to England!
Should I include that in my banner? Probably.
Will I forget to do it for weeks? Almost definitely.

ps. Oooo I did the html for that correctly first try! Go me :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An outfit for once!


See those boots? See how excited I am about those boots?!
You should all remember those boots from the last...few years? (has anyone stayed with this blog that long??) I got them in Florence when I was in grade 11. My family visited Italy and they were the best thing ever~

After a number of years of wearing constantly and prancing around like a little elf person, I managed to wear all the way through the heel onto the leather underneath.
Try as I might, duct-tape just doesn't cut it for shoe repairs sometimes!

Luckily a cobbler in town replaced the heels for me, got the salt stains from Calgary out, and put a protecting spray on them. It took him 4 days...and costs a mere $26! Best!

so I wore them today!

The lesson here is buy quality shoes, and have them fixed instead of replaced.

And then I bought another suitcase, because...I'm bringing two on this move. :D


I want to go wandering.

I know, I know, I'm going to the UK for at least 9 months in...oh look, it's in 3 days!
But that's not just what I mean.

I want to be on the move all the time, in a car or on a train. Maybe with just a backpack! I'd have to pair down my clothes and things, but I don't wear more than about 4 different things anyway~

I want to go with one or two people who mean a lot to me, and we can set off and travel the world at whatever pace we want. It would be magical. We don't have to bring a lot of money...heck, we may as well do odd jobs for cash along the way! I'm sure there is a way to do that, right?

I don't like being alone very much, and I know I'm going to be for a while as I get settled into my new home in a few days. There are a few roommates that I'll get to know, but because it's 3rd year all the students at the uni are in their final year, while I still have one more to go. They'll be in their groups of friends and I'll be the newcomer trying to make her way.

This isn't a super new concept to me really. I've moved so many times that leaping up and going to live around the world doesn't seem like too much of a difficult thing, but I know making friends is still a really difficult things to do. With all the things that have been happening lately, I've got to try and be positive about everything, and meet as many people as I can.

Take every opportunity, right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventures to Vancouver


Just returned from a jaunt to Vancouver. My friend Kelsey is moving in with me in the UK a few weeks after I get there, and we had to do VISA things down in the big city. It was a pretty exciting adventure, and our first little road trip together!
Fun times!

After VISA things were sorted, and we'd gone on shopping trips that resulted in chocolates and soaps, we headed off to meet up with my friend Steve! I know Steve from sailing a few years ago, but we'd not seen each other in a year and a half or so. Naturally meeting up for dinner was pretty fantastic!
Kelsey and Steve discussed their love for David Tennant as the 10th Doctor...a conversation which was continued the next morning when we all met up again for breakfast in Abbotsford! This meeting was joined by my friend Ryan as well, who didn't actually know I was going to be there, and looking veeeery confused. :D

Kelsey and I got home safely via the more scenic route (other road was on FIRE) and Kelsey dyed her hair~

I leave Canada in 4 days, with a lay over leading me off to the UK for the next 9 to 11 months! I'm not sure when I'm coming home again actually...if I get a job over there I don't have to leave until the end of August sometime! Pretty exciting! I hope I can get some kind of archaeological job...

It's exciting and scary, moving to the other side of the world on your own. I can't wait, but I'm also terrified about everything!
I have people over there, but it will take some getting used to, that's for sure :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Portrait shots


Today I got my hair cut, which was pretty necessary since I'm still growing it out and things. The back was really a lot longer, and pretty heavy. My hair is so thick!
I decided that getting a fringe would be good too, so brushing my hair out of my face will no longer be a full-time job! I'm pretty pleased with the cut, I haven't had a proper fringe in a while (I haven't had my hair this long in a while either)

Oh and the cats...I thought some pictures of them were needed on here again! It's been a while since a cat-post, hasn't it?
Olive and Neptune, ladies and gentlemen!

In other news, I head off across to the pond in T-minus 9 days. Jim is meeting me in London to help with what I will call the 'Struggle of the Suitcases', and from there we will..go...somewhere? Wales? Straight to York / Durham? Dunno yet!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The World is tough.

I spend so much time worrying about what I'm doing, that sometimes I forget how much it might effect other people. And what other people are going through.

There will be no more of that.

Right now I need to put aside what I'm worried about (because it will all be fine) and be there for the people in my life that need my support. Because that is so much more important~
I will be there for the people in my life that I love, and who need me, no matter what.