Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I know my photos are usually larger than that and all, but photobucket isn't cooperating with the internet connection I have here so that is the best you're going to get at the moment! Me...with the same place I've been working for the last 3.5 weeks.
My desk!
It's mine...and I'm probably going to miss it. Heck, there is a view of a fantastic historic chapel out of the window...past the stack of 8 Dell computer towers, 2 monitors, rolls of pera-trace with maps, and a pencil drawing in a frame of a longboat (which is carved in a high cross in the Maughold cemetary, I saw it!). Past all of that there is a chapel!

Sorry for the utter lack of regular programming, but there isn't really anything I can do about that until I get home! Things have been recorded in my travel journal, so it's not for lack of holes in the vague documentation of my life, that's for sure.

I've been working as an archaeological illustrator and occationally supervisor in Ireland and the Isle of Man for the past 6 weeks. When I say working, it's more like...existing. It's work experience, but not a payable job. dang. Good thing I have a research grant too, or I'd be...well, more broke than I am at the moment!

I should go back to work...

Oh! As well as working, I am gearing up for (as in getting my Visa for) moving to England for a year! School in one place bores me greatly, and as I am apparently a nomadic person I am doing a year abroad in England~ I was thinking that as well as blogging while I'm over there, I'd do little vlogs as well and upload them to youtube as well as embedding them over here on the blog! I know Jim wants to start doing videos and more acting things, so there might be a lot of that on there as well, which might be something interesting to see! I'll probably be doing most of the filming, in that case.

How does that sound?

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  1. Hopefully, all this experience will land you a job, somewhere doing what you love.


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