Thursday, July 12, 2012

Serious face, children. Or angry? I don't really do angry face though, as everyone knows! Today is my last day of work on the Isle of Man, before a free day tomorrow and the day of travelling back to Wales on Saturday. From Wales to London then, and flying home!
..sort of home, after some appointments and adventuring in Vancouver!

Jim and I have a plan! We are going to make two youtube channels: one for vlogs and one for actual little movies and things, that will mostly end up being travel adventure films or what have you. Really, I'll probably be doing vlogs more, and filming whatever Jim would like to make for the other one! Not much of an actor here, buuut a creative director? I could do that!

Trying to download a 30-day trial of Adobe Premier Elements, for video editing...but it has said 53 minutes remaining for the last 15 minutes. Um?

Also considering getting a small camcorder, because as much as I love my waterproof camera, it is waterproof and the mic doesn't pick up everything I'd want it to. I was thinking a Flip camera? Or perhaps one of the Kodak or Sony waterproof sport camcorders. They are all about the same price, so I'm going to see if I can't make enough for one in tips over the end of the summer!

Or to get a new battery pack for my computer...because it seems to think it needs a new one soon. (jerk computer)

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