Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Colds and Museum Plans


Hey guys, you'll never believe it! To compensate for still having a terrible cold left over from the weekend which is making me feel ill on occasion, even today (though the headaches are pretty much gone now! YAY.) I have dressed...not like a hobo for the day! It's magic, right? How long has it been since I've worn something that didn't resemble a bag? Because it certainly didn't happen at all over the weekend! I stayed in bed for all of Saturday...

The three 3D building images are from a project in my 'Museum Collections and Exhibitions' class. It's such an awesome class, by the way! We all had different roles in out little groups of four: curator, designer, conservationist, and programs director. I was the group designer (to my delight! It's my favourite thing to do!) and got to plan out the positioning, lighting, and feel of the entire exhibit. Somewhere along the line I decided that learning how to 3D model the entire thing in Google SketchUp would be a good idea, and those images are the result of that, much to my group's excitement~ The red boxes on the walls are where the paintings are meant to be, and clearly the Hyrule symbol in the middle isn't the statue we have in the actual collection...but you get the idea!

Lastly, as I was sitting here eating chocolate and playing Final Fantasy III (never should have stopped playing that game, I've completely forgotten what I was doing..), I got a phone call from the Virgin Mobile people, my phone company, offering me a 3-year contract. It went a bit like this:

her: 'So, we can see you've been with us for a number of years, and we'd like to offer you a 3-year contract at the rate you've been going with, of course.'
me: 'uh huh...'
her: 'And this would let you get a new phone for no additional fee, and I could add caller ID to your phone an--'
me: 'Yah, that's great, but really won't be necessary. I'm moving to England next year.'
her. '...Oh! Well then yah..ok! Forever?'
me: 'For a year..for now.'

hahaha I win this round, phone people. And I didn't even lie! Take that!

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