Thursday, April 26, 2012




I have finished my second year of university! Oh goodness how the time flies~
If I lived in the UK, I'd have 2/3 of a degree but instead I live here and have half a degree..and a grant! So stoked for the summer!

I'm home for about 6 days and have to run around a lot and go to a mountain of appointments and meetings for a load of things I barely understand. bank stuff? what?
I'm a little worried about Visa stuff getting finished while I'm away for the summer and making sure my project goes well. If I decide to do an honours degree (which I have to decide...soon) I will being writing an expanded paper on my grant project for that...but I haven't decided if I want to add all of that paper-writing onto my last year of undergraduate work! Ugh, all the things!

On another uni-note, Congrats to Jimmy for getting a conditional offer from Durham! So great! I cannot wait to see you again!

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