Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter / Chocolate Day!


Hope you all enjoy that pretty unflattering picture of me with my easter bunny! Look, he's wearing a little foil jacket, leaving his head exposed for me to EAT. NOM.
He was part of a box of candies my family sent over...which I ate before easter while studying and things...but I managed to save the bunny until today, so today is when he dies! I've named him Robert. Good bye Robert, but really...this is what you lived for!

I should go for a walk today, I've been sitting on my bed all weekend, working on many things! Lots of school work being finished over here, which makes me happy...less work to worry about during the week! Though not as much as I've wanted to do, since I got a really horrible cold yesterday morning and have been unable to concentrate for long periods of time because my head hurts..and mostly everything else. Oh well. Still finished my presentations, and readings...and wrote notes out..and planned an essay.

There will be more of all of that today (while eating Robert, of course)

Also. All of the (two) packages I sent Jim managed to get there before today, which is perfect, because they were mostly comprised of chocolates! I sent him a little easter egg with something inside, and a package with 4 jersey milk bars, tea, a letter, and a small tin with really nice sketching crayons in it~

Nice day for everyone! (except that I can't look at the window, because the blinding light coming off the other building is NOT helping my headache.)

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