Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so much to do...ugh.

There is so much work to be done right now. I've got a midterm (last one!), a paper, an exhibit design, a presentation for the exhibit design, a 5000 or so word paper to research and write, a presentation for that paper, three final exams and one quiz + take home essay section for the quiz, some shifts at work, meetings, illustrative work to do, more study abroad stuff, probably more scholarships to apply for, eventual packing and returning home for about a week, then on a plane and another plane to meet with Jim in the UK!

Can it be May now please?
I'm tired of being here~

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  1. Passing through (you were flagged up as liking one of the movies I like) and thought how refreshing your posts are.
    Especially the photos of your foodal experiments. Slow cookers are brilliant ... potato pizza? Now that never occurred to me (despite Spouse saying that I have a very original notions of cookery).
    You are a breath of fresh air—looking forward to the reporting of your UK trip!


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