Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not going to lie...


...because I definitely wear sweatpants for most of the day.

Come home from class? sweatpants. Bedtime? Sweatpants. Any point when I don't have to interact with people I don't know? Sweatpants! Just the comfiest!

Haha...what kind of a facial expression am I making there? oh goodness.

So, what I wanted to say was that for the second week in a row, my Legacies of Mesoamerica class has been cancelled due to unknown reasons. Dang it Geoff! At this rate, I'm not going to go illustrated anything else for the rest of the year because he's got the lab keys...it's his lab. Christina, Chip, Kelsey, and I did have a lovely little sit around after going to tims though which was nice! I do love hanging out with all of them. Zoo on sunday!

In terms of work I have to be doing...I'm working on a paper right now. I have another paper due on Thursday which I have finished. (just hope the prof likes it! arg!) I finished anooooother paper, just to get it out of the way, as it isn't due until the very last day of classes. I've got a 5000-word paper due a month from friday, but the prof hasn't given us much about it so no one has actually started..which is horrible because we have to actually do a short presentation about that paper...the week before it's due. Who is actually going to have it done by then?! me..probably. haha...
There is also a 'marketing project' in the same class as the long paper, which is due in two weeks, and we all know absolutely NOTHING about.
And a group project in my other museum class which we also know nothing of, but it isn't til the end of classes either. And a quiz a week from yesterday.
And 3 midterms in two weeks. (studying has commenced. oh tlaloc why?!)
And...some finals.
And article reviews (I have to do one or two before thursday! ack!)

On the upside...it will make the next two months pass pretty quickly! If I have an unmelted brain by the end of it, everyone please clap.

In other news, I turn 20 on Sunday.

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  1. Oh..I love my sweat pants too! I try to find pants that might not look exactly like them..but darn near as comfy..that way..no one really knows...I'm actually in my sweat pants..


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