Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almost finished! (half of my degree)


Where did my plugs go? Oh mah, it's magic!
Or, it's a present from Jimmy! (We'll get the other side sorted out soon~ haha)

He send me a set of flesh coloured plugs to wear for re-enacting events. By no fault of his, the company took the order wrong and only sent me one so complaints are to be made in that regard...I definitely have two ears! My ears are a bit red around the edges, so to make it actually look all sneaky and things I have to put a tiny bit of cover-up around the piercing, but it does a pretty darn good job right? (Why couldn't vikings have stretched their ears? It would be easier that way...for me...)

The first picture is an example of my distaste for 7am and the fact that I have another test to write at 9:30am. Last one. Laaaaast oooooneeeeeee! Well, last midterm at least, which is something huge because the bloody things last For. Ever. aRG!
Then it's off to draw artifacts, because I have another commission to do (Oh yes!), and I think that will overlap with my Museum Management class...but it's just a field trip to a museum that I go to at least once a month, and we no longer have tests or anything that isn't a paper in that class, so I'm not to worried if I don't end up going. I also know people in the class who can tell me about it later. :D

As another note, look how long my hair is getting!

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  1. Good luck on the test! All the best on doing something fun soon.


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