Saturday, February 4, 2012


Instead of starting to study when I got home from breakfast, I stared off into the distance and wondered how I could get myself some polka dots or something. No time for new cloths for me though, I have to save money!

Mostly for food!

ps: Think I will grow my hair out a bit..or at least the top layers so it looks like a bob, because it's wavy and would do 1920's things, and also because then I can leave it for field school and it won't grow into a strange would just get a bit longer, but still in a...sort of style! Lets see how long I stick to this! hahaha~

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  1. I'm sure your hair grows fast. Especially, winter. Will you cut it yourself? Has your boyfriend ever cut your hair?

    I say this..sometimes, during winter..cabin fever, no less, I will cut my hair. And I like it. Once my boyfriend cut my hair. Looked good for about a day.


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