Friday, January 27, 2012

Vendome Cafe, Sunnyside


(first two photos by Jimmy!)

Yesterday I had a class downtown at the Calgary Youthlink Police Museum, which you can get to right here if you are so interested. It was for my Museum Management course, and it involved just seeing how their museum has been uniquely set up to target a much younger audience that most museums do, and doing it very well. In fact, they have the highest subscribed-to school program in all of Calgary and it is offered for free! It teaches the kiddies how to deal with issue like drugs, drinking, bullying, and family violence and what to do if you get involved or know someone who needs help. Pretty cool, even though some of it was a bit graphic. They are moving to a new building soon though, out of downtown and will have even more on the historical side of the police force, which is what I would be interested in!

Before we got down to that area however, Jim and I had to stop into the lovely Vendome Cafe(complete with photos now!) for a spot of lunch...which of course turns into pastry and coffee most of the time*. They have fantastic cinnamon buns, and wonderful staff and hopefully the pictures get that across~ Unfortunately I suspect there is something in the mochas there that my digestive track isn't super fond of...even if it's made with soy-milk. We'll see though, because it is so nice! Reminds me of any little family run cafe over in Europe someplace. We could easily have been eating in Verona, and step out to view the lovely amphitheatre and wander the cobbled streets. I really should go back there.

Tomorrow is Jim's last full day in Canada for the trip, so we'll be having a nice adventure out. Explore Inglewood in the south a little, maybe visit the Glenbow and some trains along the way...Vietnamese food for dinner? It should be good!

* As we found out recently, our favourite cafe in Douglas on the Isle of Man has closed down for unknown reasons. It was called the Chocolate Fairy, and we mourn it's passing. You were well loved, and what will be done for breakfasts now?!

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