Monday, January 16, 2012

January ?


Went on a bit of a trek to my first class today...I have to say trek because the weather outside is a bit like the middle of the Arctic! When we got up this morning, there was snow everywhere (per...most of the time), and it was -27.C. And a little windy. Our poor little cheeks froze as we struggled over to a room where you can't have coffee and listened to a lecture in the warm, trying not to fall asleep, and drawing caricatures of art collectors. (I was, at least)

After another class this afternoon Jim and I shall be heading down to a very large mall because;

a) It's freezing
b) Jim wants corduroy pants
c) Hats?

It shall be lovely! If spoils come of it, I shall share...for the new photoshop and I are now getting along. It finally revealed it's secrets as to resizing images.
We're friends now~

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