Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Most Canadians have what is called the 'cot-caught merger', where we pronounce the words exactly the same, despite their very different spellings. This is also true with tot and taught, and probably more examples as well!
British people don't do this. Apparently Americans don't either, with the exception of the west coast or something..? Can't quite remember.

It's interesting though!

In other news I have only 4 essays out of the 13 left to plan, and some terms to go over...and that's it! Review, and get to tests. Oh goodness me.
Back to that!


  1. Maybe its the French influence..that can't be a bad thing..now can it?

  2. French speaking is pretty scarce in this...half of the country though! We just do stuff to vowels sometimes, that doesn't happen elsewhere :D

  3. In the book "How to be Canadian" by Will and Ian Ferguson they call this the "Canadian low back vowel merger or 'laziness'" hahaha other examples are, "route and root, chock and chalk, not and naught." Very funny book by the way! I highly recommend it. ;)


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