Sunday, December 18, 2011

Robyn and Katelyn's snowy sledding adventure!

Yesterday after one of Katelyn's finals (I finished on friday! wheeee!) we went on a 15 minute or so walk away from campus to find an apparently legendary sledding hill. Katelyn has been looking it up online, and it was listed as one of Calgary's best sledding hills..and with it being so near campus, of course we had to go check it out!

We got there and it was super steep, and there were a fair amount of people on it so they had packed all the snow down already. Reminded me of the Juan de Fuca rec-centre in Victoria with their giant and very dangerous sledding hill that ends in a fence...loved that place!

We ended up getting totally soaked, and had an awesome time!
Upon returning home, her friend Mike (?) came by and we baked 4 batches of cookies! I have some to take on the airplane today because I am going hooooooooome!

correction: going home if the plane can take off in this snow. I'm thinking it will be fine..but still. ugh snow. ugh.


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