Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Firstly, all these pictures are different sizes because I just installed a shiny new photoshop and don't really know how to use it yet. Working on that! It's very pretty and nice though, so it shouldn't take long. Photoshop, don't fail me now!

Lately it was Halloween and my roommate Katelyn was dresses as a garden gnome in the morning, and I stumbled from my room wearing a onesie, in search of tea. I took a picture because I wasn't awake enough to properly register what was going on. It was a good idea, and her costume looks awesome!
I'm lame, and therefore didn't dress up. I only had two classes and then I was home..so there wasn't much point, really.

I'm almost finished stamping out my longest paper of this semester. It's clocking in at nearly 4600 words at the moment, with 6 pages of images not included in that count. This is good, but it is also the paper that is due the farthest from now...I should probably work on the other, shorter, and probably easier papers soon.

I'd like to note that I found my lost hat after a week or two or whatever and was the happiest archaeologist. I did actually squeal a little in joy!

I'd also like to note that this is going to be THE LONGEST WEEK EVER. Next wed...you need to get here now. This very instant. Nownownownowonw... Oh, and don't forget to bring Jimmy along too. :D

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