Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oct 1st!


If that first picture is still sideways...I'm assuming it will sort itself out ~

I'm sitting around studying at the moment, and though this would be a better use of my time...for a few minutes! I drew a train on my arm this stayed for a bit.

Also, apparently there was a chemical leak in my building this morning down in the basement (which explains the fire trucks this morning). It was contained and isn't a threat to anyone, but they've had to turn the heat off to prevent..something or other, and we've been asked to close our windows. I CAN'T close my window, however, since no one has come to fix I'll just be a bit on the cooler side for a bit, which is cool with me.

What I want to know that sort of chemical do they have enough of in the basement, that could cause all this?!

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  1. wow ..that was cool! Love the color of your do..hat...


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