Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YAM hall


Back in halls! Yamnuska Hall, to be exact...except no one can actually say that, so we're just calling it Yam mostly. It's project Ya! ...but...linguistically that is really awkward..so...Yam it is!

The hall is really nice, and my room is really excellent! We are the very first group of students to get to live in this building, as they were building it for all of last year, and it's really exciting to be part of the 'test group'.

Today I had a few people over (Christina, Cory, and Brianne) at various points because I haven't seem most of them in ages! It was lovely seeing everyone over here again, and I hope they had just as nice of a day as I did.
Ohh the security van thing just drove by outside. There are drunken shenanigans going around outside and things during O-Week (and..all the time...), so they police via car sometimes.

On a side note, I just typed shenanigans there, correctly on my first try. I know I'm surprised!

Photo is of me and my roommate Katelyn in our hall shirts, and matching blue Students Union sunglasses, after having triumphantly done our dishes within 24 hours of making them!

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