Thursday, August 11, 2011



Today was a tiring and difficult day. I was feeling what the Victorians would describe as melancholia or some such thing, and as Jimmy said, the welsh word might be digalon. Regardless, just not the best way to start off work!

It was boring, sitting around in the tent for ages (after my brother left my company, and I was sitting in silence).
Then suddenly it was very busy! Very, very busy! And this was the point I wanted to get home and do other things that didn't involve interacting with more than one person at once... So in response I was 'fake happy' for the rest of the afternoon until well after Jimmy had gone to bed, and certainly well after my usual dinner time.

I saw some people I went to high school with, standing in a group on the other side of the street from me. They didn't notice me, or at least they didn't make it known if they did. They were all laughing and talking and for a moment I felt a little sad about that, thinking 'They're just like they were in high school.' But then that sentence sunk in a little more and I realized that if they were just like they were in high school then they hadn't gained much from the last year. I haven't actually spoken to them so I don't know this for sure though...but I feel like I have certainly grown a lot since leaving those doors.

Then a father and son rode by on unicycles carrying fishing equipment, and I felt a little better about the world.

I think I look a little shattered in that picture there. hmm...
I'm going for a swim!

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  1. A father and son riding unicycles carrying fishing equipment would lighten up anyone's day I think ;)


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