Sunday, August 28, 2011



Today I did the Swim crew for Ironman Canada! It was pretty exciting and all, and I got to be in my kayak fooooor 4 hours, came home and had a nap. It was a lovely nap!

I did crafts with Jim for a bit, and haven't actually moved much or gotten any dinner and it's nearing 7:30pm. Ah well! Soon!

Aaaaalso today I bit farewell to my lovely beta fish, Horemheb. He passed away earlier this evening, much to my friend Amy's distress. She was taking care of him for me while I was away from school, and did a wonderful job! He was just an old little fish~ Poor fellow is being given a viking-style funeral. R.I.P. Horemheb~

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  1. So sorry..exciting stuff today. Love your hat!


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