Friday, August 19, 2011

In which Robyn gets to wear a sweater outside.


Today was a particularly slow day at work, with only one customer within the first two and a half hours. It picked up only slightly from there, but not enough to keep shop opened passed four hours. So I closed up, and my friend Deirdre and I went on an adventure to the museum, and to a music shop (I got a D harmonica, see?), and looked wistfully in the window of the vintage shop which was unfortunately closed.
It shouldn't be tomorrow though, which will be lovely!

Throughout all of this it had been a bit windy and almost a little uncomfortable in just a tshirt, so I had my mum bring me a sweater at work which I happily wore all day.

In other news my dad just got back from a work trip to Turkey, where he found me those delightful handmade shoes that I will be sporting at the farmer's market tomorrow. Also the evil eye earrings which I will modify slightly to go through my turquoise tunnels and be all fantastic and things! I'll take pictures and things.

I counted all the change I had piled in the bottom of my bag over the last two months from my trip to the UK, and it turns out I have almost 20pounds in change, and about 14euro as well! I have it all organized and as my mom said '[I] can use it next year.'
Next year, mother? You have clearly given up, as I am going off to the UK again! I am, and it shall be grand and everything wonderful like that~ Can't wait!

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  1. So love your hat! Sweet shoes, too. Good luck with the music.


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