Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Contemplating my hair a lot today, which kept me a little bit occupied between people and worrying about a storm front at work this afternoon.

I'm going to grow out one side of it into a wavy, 20's fingerwaved style thing so I can pin it up on my head if need be with my single hairpin, and the other side shall be very very short per normal.
It shall still be undercut all the way around, as it's too thick to live otherwise! And then it shall be interesting and long on one side, and very short and scrubby on the side that has two cowlicks and bothers me...yah...

(I'm much more pleased with everything than those pictures might make you think!)

Tonight I went out to a cafe with my friend Amanda, and we had lovely coffees and made things from yarn and had a grand old time! It shall have to happen again sometime, I think.

Work again tomorrow~

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