Monday, May 23, 2011

Go figure.


You are looking at a girl, in this picture.

She is terrified of some things, among them Ferris wheels and going outside at night. She is (in her mind) awkward around people she doesn't know and feels that they probably think her silly or something for it. Also, awkward around people she does know sometimes!

She hates public speaking, because it makes her shaky in front of a bunch of people (who could probably care less..really). Dramatic changes make her feel very anxious, but she forces them upon herself anyways...because what is life without dramatic adventures at every turn? It makes her happy when people are interested in what she is studying, or if they at least listen to some history.

She is forgetful, and almost never answers her cell phone on the first ring (or even call), to the frustration of certain individuals. She doesn't like cleaning, or doing laundry, and the dishes are probably going to be crazy next year. She is so used to clutter that is doesn't matter in the slightest anymore. And she will hide from horror movies, even if it means fighting for more blankets to hide under.

She is also determined, and plans exciting events weeks, months...years in advance, and manages to pull through with most plans. She pulls people into what she loves, and manages to get them noticing history (and boats) around them. She's in love with her studies, the world, and all her lovely friends in it. Tries her best at self-improvement, discipline, and to try as many things as she can. She's definitely a bit eccentric.

This is the girl who, in 10 days tomorrow, steps onto an aeroplane to leave the country for two months all on her lonesome.

Can she make it? YES!

(I admit my crazy flaws >< )


  1. Ten days?!?!
    'Kay we have to hang out soon! I've only seen you I think twice since you got back!!



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