Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Today was Fatima's birthday! Katelyn and I got this donut, and I crochetted the candle base. Katelyn made the little flame, and we stuck it into the donut and brought it to her with a card. The card had a brain on it, and inside it said 'The brain is your head...that's all we've got'....because she is studying Neuroscience...get it? haha

Yesterday was TOMS: One day without Shoes. I forgot until about 2:30pm, when Cory reminded me and I whipped my shoes off in the middle of my linguistics class. I then proceded to get a bit of glass in my heel on the way home, but it was removed cleanly, and it doesn't hurt anymore!

I need sleep, so I can get over this stupid illness!

ps. I get Easter dinner! In some weeks. What is easter dinner....exactly? Easter is more than 'Chocolate Day' for certain people..isn't it?

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  1. You're so good to do that for TOMS. Love your hair.


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