Thursday, April 14, 2011



Wristband = access to my home tomorrow.

It's quiet on campus.

A Thursday evening, usually known for the ever-popular Thur's Den and throngs of university students stumbling through MacHall, is unusually calm. There is a hush in the air as all good little boys and girls clamber into bed early in anticipation of the next 24 hours..because with Fridays comes Bermuda Shorts Day! It's the calm before the storm...

Yes, BSD. A day hailed by students as being the end of classes for another year and one massive excuse to drink one's brains away before cracking down for the next two weeks of exam hell. It's all outside...good planning Calgarians, as it snowed another foot last night!

My classes ended today, which leaved my Friday totally open!
And what am I going to do on this most holy of university days, you might ask?


Because this Friday is also the 99th year since the Titanic sank, and I shall honour both the paassing of the fantastic ship and two of my own ansestors who worked within her mighty belly by visiting this artifact exhibit!
Can. Not. Wait.

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