Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather Updates.

Calgary is a jerk.

I have one more exam to write, and Cory is getting his eyes lasered.
Laura has been finished for 24 hours, and Christina just started this morning.

Geology might rip my thoat out. We'll see.
I'll bring an axe.

On the upside, I'm eating chocolate.
Brendan, I have about 100 jelly beans I'll need your help with on the drive back.
(we are taking the train to MEC...bring some toonies)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video Clips!

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled some random clips I just found/made this morning...


I've been reading my linguistics for too long..all I can think about it Canadian vowel raising and the like. hmm...accents...

Monday, April 25, 2011

I hear the sound of Clackin' Heels



I've been studying, running around in the sunshine (rare!), or laying on a couch watching Doctor Who and eating turkey for the last bunch of days!

The sunrise was from about 6am the other day, when I woke up just enough to sluggishly take a picture before falling asleep again. I am also in love with long flowy skirts, and had been looking for good ones for a couple of years now! I'm pleased that they are actually available at the moment terrible as it sounds, I'm a little pleased that only some types of people can wear them. I like being tall for this!

(listen to that song..forever...)

That large rock is a glacial erratic. It's quartzite, and was dumped there by a glacier! I managed to find it on google earth, and Cory knew the people who's yrad we had to walk through to get to it, so we went on an adventure out there yesterday! Unfortunately with all the snowmelt we couldn't actually get at the got a little deep... but we walked around it through the snow and prickly grass in barefeet (because we're smart) and marvled at it for a while in the fantastic 16.C weather.

My exams start on Wed.
I'll get back to studying now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April19th. exam study day 3.


It's day three of my ten-day study plan...and I'm bored out of my skull.
Definitely just listened to the same song on repeat for a good 20 minutes without realizing it, humming along continuously the entire time!

Yes, in that picture you can see through my ear. And yes, I also have two earrings in the same ear! I'm bored, yes? yes.


I also went for a walk before dusk last night, and got this sweet panorama of the still-frozen pond!

Back to geology...

Thursday, April 14, 2011



Wristband = access to my home tomorrow.

It's quiet on campus.

A Thursday evening, usually known for the ever-popular Thur's Den and throngs of university students stumbling through MacHall, is unusually calm. There is a hush in the air as all good little boys and girls clamber into bed early in anticipation of the next 24 hours..because with Fridays comes Bermuda Shorts Day! It's the calm before the storm...

Yes, BSD. A day hailed by students as being the end of classes for another year and one massive excuse to drink one's brains away before cracking down for the next two weeks of exam hell. It's all outside...good planning Calgarians, as it snowed another foot last night!

My classes ended today, which leaved my Friday totally open!
And what am I going to do on this most holy of university days, you might ask?


Because this Friday is also the 99th year since the Titanic sank, and I shall honour both the paassing of the fantastic ship and two of my own ansestors who worked within her mighty belly by visiting this artifact exhibit!
Can. Not. Wait.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer plans

-work! either doing henna, at the museum, or both somehow?
-maybe take scuba diving lessons.
-sail Morning Star a lot. This is a requirement!
-be a solo-adventurer and do my field school in the UK
-see people. I shall attempt not to be a hermit! (unless it gets reaaaaally hot. then..bye bye)

That's pretty well it~
Now, to breakfast and studying!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Today was Fatima's birthday! Katelyn and I got this donut, and I crochetted the candle base. Katelyn made the little flame, and we stuck it into the donut and brought it to her with a card. The card had a brain on it, and inside it said 'The brain is your head...that's all we've got'....because she is studying Neuroscience...get it? haha

Yesterday was TOMS: One day without Shoes. I forgot until about 2:30pm, when Cory reminded me and I whipped my shoes off in the middle of my linguistics class. I then proceded to get a bit of glass in my heel on the way home, but it was removed cleanly, and it doesn't hurt anymore!

I need sleep, so I can get over this stupid illness!

ps. I get Easter dinner! In some weeks. What is easter dinner....exactly? Easter is more than 'Chocolate Day' for certain people..isn't it?

Monday, April 4, 2011



That large rock is an Acheulean Handaxe. (It's not an axe...) Coolest technochomplex? I think so! But only because you get to carry that thing around and I want to make one so very much.

The skull is part of the species Paranthropus Aethiopicus, and that one is more famously known as the 'Black Skull'. (a cast of, at least) Note his dish shaped face, and smooth lateral eye-sockets!

(this is me only being able to talk about school..haha no.) (..yes)

That blue shirt I got at the Market Collective last weekend. It was hand screen-printed my the lovely artist who was selling them, and it turns out the shirt itself is organic cotton and all that. Just lovely! It is one of about...2 shirts I have with an image on them..and it's of birds and trees. :D

Beets, scary popcorn..

The last picture was taken on my friend Haley's phone on Saturday night, of the Mother Mother concert we just went to!

In this picture you can see:
Botton row (left to right): Trista, Haley, Jules
Top row: Cory (kind of), Me

As you can tell, we're really good at getting everyone into the photo! There are a few more pictures like that one, where at least one different person is being cut off. Group picture? Not likely! But I took all of the versions and put them in my Book.
Yay for seeing the same band twice in the span of 5 weeks or so!
They were totally amazing, again! Of course they's Mother Mother! There was no seating in this venue, and after you got used to all the squishyness/Haley wormed us all up to the very front and center location, it was pretty fantastic!

Their opening band was called 'Whale Tooth' and I suggest you all check it out! They were very good, and their vocalist had a lot of energy, which was wonderful.

Yesterday I watched movies all day with Cory, and Laura and Haley. It was a good lazy day...but I'm still tired ><

Ok. class/lab/tutorial/hour of free/class/more lab/study.
that's my day.

(at the moment, rooibos tea, Sasha!)