Thursday, March 17, 2011



On Tuesday I was a gypsy person and went on a lovely long walk down to the River, found twenty dollars in a puddle, and climbed a tree in bare feet.

Oh, but to the glories of spring!

(even though it isn't spring just felt appropriate to say! Minus the 10 minute crazy blizzard at about 10:30am yesterday, there has been spectacular weather for the entire week~)

Studying Linguistics, and listening to City and Colour's Comin Home. There was one line in particular, "But I never take any pictures, 'cause I know I'll just be right back," that I rather enjoyed! But I usually take tons of pictures to show people back wherever I came from.

And finally a note to my shirt drawer picture there; I clearned out everything I've not worn since coming here and put it all in a suitcase (this goes for sweaters and pants too), and organized all the drawers on SUNDAY. It is now Thursday, and the drawers still look like that! Is this a feat? I think so!

Back to studying...

Oh, but I should probably say:

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