Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Frozen wastelands


I have done almost nothing since returning from the island but study! My hair looks gross, which is why that hat is on...I couldn't get a good picture of that outfit, but next time I wear it, I will! yay!

The bridge of my nose is black because I was getting out of a car and stood up too soon and my face collided with the metal at the top of the door...the black is dried blood.
Did you know that pores can bleed from impact?!
Because they did.

I'm studying Archaeology right now. If Cory hadn't told me about it last week, I wouldn't have known we have a midterm tomorrow..until yesterday. And then I might have actually died, so thank you to Cory! (now i'm only dieing a little)
I did just get through my notes though! Rye was first domesticated in 10,000BC, around Syria. If anyone ever mentions that film now, that is the fact I will spit back out at them.

In other news, I'm tired and all the blankets on my bed are in a mound. My ears are healing to this size nicely, and I have tickets to another Mother Mother show, here, next month! I'm going to the zoo on my birthday, because people I know are awesome.

I should stop boring you with my sleep deprived/ skittle filled mind and show you pictures from reading break!

(Inner harbour, Mother Mother show (photo by sasha), haley and I as gypsies, Mystic beach)

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  1. Sorry about the nose. Looks like there was some fun though.


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