Friday, March 4, 2011




It's friday.

Today I went to geology class, and met Laura for breakfast after class was over. Our friend Ryan came and got some food as well, and we all sat around talking until Cory showed up and poked me and showed everyone the crazy poster we made yesterday.

It said "Hey there, I may not be running to be a faculty rep, but my platform for the Faculty of You is that You're Pretty Awesome. Have a rockin' day" with this drawing beside it.


We posted them all over..the parts of the school we go in all the time.
It's pretty funny.

The Calgary News is telling me that the city has a program to teach people how to dress warmly, who just moved to the country. Go figure!

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  1. My sister realize beautiful swarovski necklaces like this.. but full of swarovski.. so stunning and elegant!


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