Wednesday, March 30, 2011



I miss good food.

On sunday I went on a lovely outing with my roommates for next year, Katelyn and Fatima, and we had good, real food all day long! I forgot to take a picture of the popcorn, but it too was wonderful~

I made beets last night, and put a little bit of salt on them.
Just wonderful! I'll get pictures later I suppose. (my room smells like beets now, and my hands are purple)

I kind of want to curl up and have a nap for a few days but that isn't really possible at the moment. This is just a work lull before the finals start in...exactly two weeks from today.

On monday I studied for 11 hours.
Good. God.

ps. I'm done midterms! Somebody bring me a tea!


  1. Such lovely pictures! Wow about the beets. I bet you are making your Mom smile..knowing..she raised you well.

  2. what's your favourite kind of tea!?


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