Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday; The Best day Ever.

I don't have a picture for you, but I do have a few points as to why yesterday was possibly the best ever. Or at least the best day in quite a while!


0820: Woke up and ate a ton of oatmeal
0830: Checked email
0831: Found out I'm going to FIELD SCHOOL THIS SUMMER!!! AAAAHHHHHH
0835: Called my mom and rambled on the phone in a highpitched and excited voice
0915: Ran to Arky203, expecting another 6 pages of notes
0930: We watched a movie about monkeys! Way better...
1045: Met my friend Cory. We studied for the Arky205 final...which disolved into talking about zoos and hamburgers after about an hour.
1220: Ran across campus to the Engineer block.
1230: Wrote the Arky205 final, and rocked it! (I think!)
1315: Finally got lunch and sat around talking about Halo (or being talk to about Halo while I ate)
1400: Went to Linguistics class and took really good notes, and drew all over a coffee cup
1515: Met Christina in the arky reading room, and found a book on Marine archaeology
1600: Met Laura for coffee, and returned home to relax for a while. No homework was going to be happening this evening!
1700: Got a package from my mom! Whoo! Candy!!
2050: Went with Laura to get snacks from the DC, walked to the train-station and back to bring a..lab? to Jules. It took us ages to walk back, since it was so lovely out!
2330: Hung out with Matthew via skype, and got laughed at for my dislike of common foods. (per usual)
24..something: Bed! Yay!

And so concluded my awesome day.
Starting out with Field school acceptance just put me in the beeesssssst mood ever!
I have now mined out all the yellow skittles from my giant bag of skittles, and will eat them all at once! Nom!
2050: Went with Laura to get some snacks fr

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