Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, with a happy lack of homework

(Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, suzy sheir tanktop, GAP jeans, handmade necklace)

So I managed to make it through the last two weeks without dieing, which is a pretty fantastic thing...being still alrive and all.
I had three tests in the last two days and one the week before, and I studied sooo much, it was crazy!

I also made this sweet necklace out of a rock I found on the coast of Oregon! The hole in the rock was made by a type of clam. The name of which escapes me, but they burrow into rocks and live in the holes! This piece might have broken off and been worn down in the waves. The bead in the cord was..made fairly locally around my town, and Brendan got me four of them for Christmas! I finally managed to use one! Yay! Usually I just look at them in their pretty green-ness...and sometimes hang them from my earrings. (ok, that happened once and they were really heavy...) I rather enjoy this necklace though!

Today I got some things I needed for my trip in a week and a bag of chips, and lay around eating chips and watching the newest Mother Mother music video.
By the way, I'm going to see them LIVE! AAHHHHH.
AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! So so so excited!! We have tickets and everything! reading week is going to be the best week ever!! Im really pumped to see everyone, and run around and..go sailing and see the show, and and and it will jsut be the greatest!

Now I just have...a linguistics article review to finish for Thursday. yay!

ps: I have tickets to the UK. No amount of !!!!!!'s could possibly portray my excitment.

pps: adventure on monday! I'll take pictures!!


  1. awesome about the concert..great about the necklace too.

  2. Wonderful post, great styling and great looks.

    Welcome to my blog birthday contest and prizes to win.


  3. fantastic necklace! TICKETS TO THE UK?! how exciting!


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