Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Nothing cool is happening currently, due to the 2 tests I have in the next two days. I stayed up until 2am reading my archaeology book. Today I have to finish reviewing for archaeology and then take an hour or two (or three) to review linguistics. Aaaand then when all that is over tomorrow, I shall review more archaeology for the lab quiz on Friday!

However...I also have a latte and a bit of spare time to not die in...hence this blogging. And the latte.

Using a Ground Penetrating Radar is super awesome, by the way.


  1. Oh my gosh I look at my google reader to start some blogging and I see you!!! It has been forever since I've visited your neck of the woords and I'm in love all over again!!!

    So... hi *waves* sorry it's been so long. I hope you are well. Good luck with testing and enjoy that latte :)

  2. Hey, looking good chill'n hope the test go well.


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